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The Gel Nail Care System For Everybody


Quintessence UV LED Base GelQuintessence offers a variety of LED and UV gel nail systems and products. Our High Performace Gel Nails out perform our competitors gels in every performace catagory including, adhesion, strength and hardness. Our gel products are the only LED / UV gels on the market that offer a no wipe, high gloss, glass like full surface cure. Each Quintessence Gel Nail Kit contains everything you need for a beautiful, high gloss, durable gel nail manicure. Quintessence products contain no harsh chemicals, don't cause natural nail damage, and have no toxic fumes or odors. Our superior adhesion process is a true organic bond that out performs and adheres better than any gel nail or acrylic product available in the nail industry. Quintessence is the most versatile and high performance artificial nail product in the industry today. We have been developing, formulating and manufacturing gel nails products for over 25 years.


Quintessence Pro Build GelQuintessence nails have a unique chemical structure made from custom engineered, synthesized polymers. We can now offer superior adhesion and performance over acrylics nails, gels nails, and wraps. Our products are a quantum leap ahead in adhesion, strength and durability to other acrylic and gel nails products. All Quintessence Products offer a full glass like surface cure; this eliminates the need to wipe off gummy dispersion films as with other gel nail products.

Other products are simply a mixture of chemicals commonly available from chemical suppliers not specified for the Nail Care Industry such as monomers, polymers, acids and highly volatile solvents. The problem is, no combination of available off the shelf ingredients exists that can equal the high performance standards required for producing the ideal nail product.


Hyper Fuse Nail Gel Protein PrimerAcrylics, gels nails and other nail products adhere to the nail plate by means of "mechanical adhesion". This form of adhesion is outdated and very damaging to the natural nail. By "etching" the natural nail with acids, a file, or a drill, layers are removed and filed right off the nail plate. The purpose of etching is to make a Swiss Cheese effect out of the nail plate, so as the acrylic dries, it adheres to the holes and divots that were etched onto the nail plate. This form of adhesion is EXTREMELY damaging to the natural nail. Adding primers chemically etched the natural nail this causes a thinned and chemically corroded nail plate. It take months to grow a healthy nail back after they have been damaged.

Because Quintessence uses a far superior form of adhesion known as "organic molecular bonding" the nail plate remains intact and free of damaging and corrosive chemicals. Hyperlon is the newly synthesized adhesion molecule in the Hyper-Fuse bonding product. Hyperlon is the double sided molecule that bonds to the organic matter keratin, which is protein and amino acids, in the top layer of the nail plate. The other side of the molecule bonds to the chemical structure in the liquid plastic overlay. The bonding process is called "Uni-layer Molecular Coupling". The fact that this adhesion process is far stronger then mechanical adhesion, allows for longer periods between fills. This is a powerful and long over-due technological advancement in the nail care industry. Because Quintessence is an organic bonding process, we have no acids, no glues, no acrylated monomers, no harsh vapors, and do not damage the natural nail.


Quintessence nail care products are tough, tear resistance, and hard yet not brittle like other nail products, or soft and weak like other gel nails products. This product provides superior strength for the natural nail, to prevent breaking, cracking, chipping and layer peeling. Because the product self levels, ridges in the natural nail disappear instantly.


Quintessence French White Nail GelQuintessence is faster and easier to apply and maintain than any other nail system in the industry. The product self levels in 5 seconds and cures hard with a tack free surface cure, high shine finish in only 1 minute, under the Quintessence bonding lamp. Each coat blends easily with the last application, which eliminates fill-in lines. If you can apply nail polish, you will be able to easily apply Quintessence nail care products. Let the product do the work. No rigorous filing, buffing or reshaping is required. French Manicures are easy and beautiful. Backfills are a cinch. Quintessence also offers a Color System that makes polish a thing of the past. The colors cure hard with a tack free high shine finish in only 60 seconds. Nail art is easy with Quintessence too. Yes, nail art! By mixing the various colors in the Color System you can make virtually 20,000 colors with our product. Create your own distinct designs that will wear for months and will not wear off with household cleaners and solvents. Our nail art colors are dry to a glass like finish.


Quintessence products contain no harsh or irritating chemicals found in many other nail care products. We have a totally different chemical structure, to insure a safe, non-damaging nail care product. This ensures your nails and cuticles remain healthy and strong.


Quintessence Reckless Red Nail GelQuintessence is the most versatile product in the nail industry, clear, high gloss overlays will allow you to grow your own nails without breaks and splitting. For instant length, sculpted nails or tips are simple and easy to apply.

Professionals will increase their clientele rapidly with Quintessence products. The public not only wants healthy, they are demanding healthy. Pros can cut down on their application time dramatically, and charge more per set. Your clients will tell their friends and bring in even more customers.

Quintessence and their in-house Chemists have over 30 years of experience developing;formulating and manufacturing nail gel for the nail industry. Quintessence is the fraction of the cost of other systems, but offers the versatility and performance at a cost that no other system can match.

The Nail Care Solution For Everybody!

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